Ear Training Course by Musicopoulos

Ear Training Course by Musicopoulos is by far the most comprehensive solution for training your ears available for iOS.

Ear Training Course by Musicopoulos is similar to Auralia by Sibelius. It’s a drill based training method. It is much more than just an ear testing app. This application delivers beginner to advanced methods in a fun and interactive way. Ear Training Course by Musicopoulos guides you through the lesson material with a structured and systematic approach.

All the lessons are graded from easy to hard, and all the time you are given instant feedback and guidance. The interface is easy to use so you can focus on training your ears to hear intervals, scales and chords right there on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

All of your results are stored within the app. The unique Focused Studies section presents material that has been identified as needing additional training. In this section of the Ear Training Course, you can continue to fine tune your ears with specific exercises.

Musicians all around the world agree: A great ear is the most valuable asset a musician can own. The surprising and shocking reality is that some musicians don't possess the critical listening skills needed to excel, and many do nothing to improve their listening ability.

So what are you waiting for? Download Ear Training Course by Musicopoulos now and discover your true musical potential.

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Music is art designed to be heard. Everything in music is completely dependent upon your ability to hear. No matter what instrument you play, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, whatever style of music you enjoy, if you want to create music that comes from within, you need to know and understand what you hear. Ear Training Course by Musicopoulos is a well planned and structured ear training solution that can, with practise, help you develop the skills.

The Course Structure

Musicopoulos has designed a progressive Ear Training Course where each subject is presented in stages. Each stage is targeted to a specific listening skill. This methodology makes Ear Training Course by Musicopoulos extremely effective in delivering results.

This course is structured in two parts; Ear Training and Focused Studies. The guided studies in Ear Training provide you with valuable information and exercises that will ground your knowledge and understanding of critical listening.

During Focused Studies, you will hone your skills with targeted exercises to fine tune and develop your training.

If you want to improve your musicianship or you just want to enjoy your interaction with music more completely, download Ear Training Course by Musicopoulos today. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes to your ears.

Download Ear Training Course by Musicopoulos today and become part of the music family.